Walking with tube and pipe manufacturers in the world

NAKATA manufacturing Co. has been active not only in Japan but also internationally as a member of International Tube Association (ITA). We have been attending exhibitions around the world and have presented technical thesis. Since the first ITA exhibition in 1988, we are the only company from Japan attending every exhibition taking place in Düsseldorf in the spring biannually. The seventh FF forum that we hosted at our headquarters in 2009 attracted 80 attendees from 13 countries in spite of bad economy recession.

Example of Recent Overseas Activities

1999/9 International conference: NUMISHEET'99 (Besancon, France)
Thesis presented: 『FEM Simulation of Roll forming of ERW Pipes and Mil/Process Design』
1999/9 International conference: Advanced Technology of Plasticity 1999 (Nuremberg, Germany)
Thesis presented:『FEM Simulation of Roll forming of ERW Pipes and Mil/Process Design』
1999/10 International conference: Tube making for Asia's Recovery (Singapore)
Thesis presented:『On Technologies of Roll-Common-Use in Roll Forming of ERW Tubes』 TUBE 2000 International exhibition (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2000/4 International conference: Innovative Tubes and Competitive Tubular Products 2000 (Osaka)
2000/7 Thesis presented:『Innovative ERW tube forming technology-FFX Mill』
『Fine and Productive Tube & Pipe Cutting by Tip Saw System』
2000/7 The 1st Private Seminar at NAKATA
2002/4 TUBE2002 International exhibition (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2003/10 International conference: Tube Veracruz 2003 (Veracruz, Mexico)
Thesis presented:『FEM Analysis of Tube Roll-forming Process and Development of FFX Forming Technology』
2004/4 TUBE2004 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2005/7 The 5th Private Seminar at NAKATA
2005/10 International conference: (Prague, Czech)
Thesis presented:『Good Results from Application of FFX Technology to Tube & Pipe Production for API & Automotive Tube』
2006/4 TUBE2006 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2006/9 International trade show: Wire Tube China 2006 (Shanghai, China)
2007/6 International conference: Nagoya Tube 2007
2007/6 The 6th Private Seminar at NAKATA
2007/10 International trade show: Tube Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
2008/4 TUBE2008 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2008/6 Technical Presentation at TUBES & PIPES OF UKRAINE 2008
2008/9 Tube China 2008 International trade show (Shanghai, China)
2008/10 International conference: (Langfang China)
2009/3 Global Oil and Gas Pipeline Congress (Beijing, China)
2009/5 International trade show: Tube Russia (Moscow, Russia)
2009/10 The 7th Private Seminar at NAKATA
2010/4 TUBE2010 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2010/9 Tube China 2010 International trade show (Shanghai, China) Presentation planned
2011/6 International conference: YOKOHAMA TUBE & PIPE 2011 in OSAKA
2011/8 The 8th Private Seminar at NAKATA
2012/3 TUBE 2012 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2012/9 Tube China 2012 International trade show (Shanghai, China)
2013/11 FABTECH 2013 International trade show (Chicago, U.S.A)
2014/4 TUBE 2014 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
2015/7 International conference: TUBE & PIPE OSAKA 2015
The 9th Private Seminar at NAKATA
2016/4 TUBE 2016 International trade show (Dusseldorf, Germany)
International trade show

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