We deliver the world leading technology and the best services for the fastest and the most accurately than anybody else in the industry. NAKATA Manufacturing Co. delivers various technical services while answering customers' request "fast and accurate" for customer satisfaction. We travel to the customer locations and instruct general equipment installation, give operation training for line workers, advise for product quality and productivity improvement. Please feel free to consult us for mill equipment built by other companies as well.

Installation instruction

Installation sceneWe provide instructions for general equipment installation from the entry section, the mill, the cut off and to the finishing section, controls, system installation and trial runs.

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Instruction for Operational technique

Merely being able to operate machines is not enough for producing high quality grade pipes. NAKATA provides instructions at the customer site for techniques needed for production such as forming and welding conditions.

Quality control

We give technical instructions at the production site. Based on product specifications, we can help setting production quality standard, selecting measurement devices, deciding inspection measurement method details, finding defects, and improving quality.

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After Sales Service

We believe "true trust relationship with customer" starts after installing equipment. Our equipment can cope with the change of market needs and technical evolution. That is the reason why our machines can provide customers with the most important services to them. NAKATA wins trust from customers for our quick and accurate aftermarket services.

  • 1. Technical support and advise
  • 2. Upgrading equipment and system software
  • 3. Fast engineer dispatch

We invite domestic and international customers to our FF forum that we hold regularly. The forums is a place for technical exchange and introduces the latest trends and technical development results.

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Remote Maintenance

Technical services for our machines include remote maintenance over the internet.

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Diagnosis of Tube Forming facilities

diagnosis of equipmentWe counsel customers with roll forming machines built by other companies dealing with technical problems and frequent defects. Our experienced technical staff will visit the site and propose solutions for problems.

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